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Design is for everybody, and everbody designs. Design should not be dictated, but should be experienced.
Design should be encouraged. Design is a collective and adaptive phenomennon.

1- Accessibility
A.In city Connections
Considering site location in city, 4 entrance points are proposed. Main entrance is through east, connected to the city center, ferry station, and train station. Secondary entrance is on west, located on Izmır-Erdek highway. On the North and South of the park there are housing developments. Thus, both are considered as important access points to the park. On the northern side, a cable car connection to the seaside is proposed for future development.
B.Intercity Connections
As Bandırma is accessible through many transportation alternatives such as seaway, highway, railroad and airport (Balıkesir Airport), Park has all the alternatives.
C. International Connections
Airport, ferry port and proposed marina (see section 4: Future Scenario) are key transportation elements to reach the park.
2- Percebtibility
Park is located where it can be seen from city center and sea. Park’s visibility and how it is perceived from far range is important design factor. Existing trees, historical heritage, and new structures should create uniqe and a memory-jogging silhoutte.
A. Land Mark Products
- Industrial and architectural products/structures such as urban furnitures, sign posts, lighting poles are proposed to be placed in Bandırma’s urban focal points to increase Park’s recognition. Those products are to be designed and selected via public participation.
B. Signature Structures
- To strengthen Park’s silhoutte and establish focal points to bear in people’s mind,
5 light-weight structure observation towers are designed to replace 5 of military posts existing on site. Design Institute is another signature builiding of Park, with chosen location and builiding mass & facade.
3. New Housing Development on Northern Side
Housing development on the northern side of the park should be in harmony with topography, existing foliage, park and sea. Therefore, settlement should have limits on height and plan.
A.Plan suggestions: Housing masses are proposed to be designed as a linear settlement in harmony with the topoghrapic condition. Trees on the plot must be protected.
B.Height suggestions : Buildings’ height should be limited to 2-3 floor maximum from their ground level due to being in critical location for both park-historical heritage and city. Buildings should not block park’s view for the Park is a significant public value to the city.
4. Future Scenario
Bandırma is expected to have a population around 600.000 in near future as it is a growing and developing city with high potential. The more the city gets crowded, need for public and social space will be increased. As a new Industrial Port will be constructed, existing port in the center of the city can be transformed for public use on the coast line.
a. Sports Facilities
b. Cafe / Restaurants
c. Marina & Yacht Club : A small marina is proposed since there are many touristic and historical places near Bandırma that can be reached by sea.
d. Train rails / Industrial Exhibition Park : Existing train rails (used for cargo) are to be transformed into urban furnitures. To sustain relationship between past and the time project fulfilled, rails and close surroundings such as monumental, signature industry elements are proposed as an industrial exhibition park.
e. Coast Promenade & Cable Car: To maintain connection between the park and coast line all over the city, a cable car is proposed which connects to the northern gate of the Park

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